DIAMOND SERIES - Browning Invector +

Introducing the all new TITANIUM DIAMOND SERIES chokes from Pure Gold.
Our Titanium chokes are exceptionally strong and durable with a DLC Diamond
like coating for a scratch resistant finish. The DLC coating also makes these
chokes SUPER EASY for cleaning! Half the weight of steel, WAY MORE stronger
than aluminum. American material & AMERICAN MADE!

Pure Gold INVECTOR PLUS chokes.
Fits most ALL NEW Browning & Winchester guns EXCEPT for the
NEW Browning 725 (Invector DS System)  .740 bore choke system.

Buy them by the singles OR Buy a set of 5 and SAVE MONEY!
Free CT9 Choke case when you buy 5 at a time! (CT9 will only hold 3 of our LONGER chokes) 
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